Brønnøysund API: Automated Lookup for Quality Assurance

Written June 7, 2024
API Brønnøysundregistrene

In today’s business environment, efficiency is key. Norwegian companies can ensure data quality and streamline processes using Brønnøysund API and Brreg API. These tools, managed by the Norwegian agency Brønnøysundregistrene, automate data retrieval and validation from official sources, enhancing business information reliability. Nettsmed has developed solutions integrating these APIs for automated data lookup, aiming to boost productivity and accuracy.

Automating with Brønnøysund API

In a world where efficiency and accuracy are paramount to success, Nettsmed understands the need for innovative solutions that save time and increase productivity. We have conducted development work related to the Brønnøysundregistrene API, including implementing an automated lookup system. This system is delivered to customers who need to ensure the quality of the information they collect. If an end user enters an incorrect organization number, it can disrupt the entire automation process and lead to annoying manual work.

Quality Assurance of Public Information

A query to Brønnøysundregistrene’s open API is particularly relevant for ensuring the quality of billing bases and automating processes. Do you want such a solution on your site? Contact us today, or read on for this professional article to implement it yourself. Please note that this article alone will not allow you to set up this solution. A complete solution requires adjustments in both HTML and CSS code, as well as a deeper understanding of, for example, your forms and how to target them.

Automated Lookup with JavaScript

Below you will find the JavaScript code that performs a lookup against the Brønnøysund API every time an input field marked with the “companyName” class is filled.

Our system automatically communicates with the Brønnøysund Register’s API, generating a list of possible matches with corresponding organization numbers presented in a user-friendly dropdown menu. This ensures that correct and updated information is always easily accessible. For the implementation of this dropdown menu, see our Github repository, which allows you to replicate this locally.

document.getElementById('companyName').addEventListener('input', function() {
    var companyName = this.value;

    if (companyName.length > 2) {
        fetch('' + encodeURIComponent(companyName))
        .then(response => response.json())
        .then(data => {
            if (data._embedded && data._embedded.enheter.length > 0) {
                var firstResult = data._embedded.enheter[0];
                document.getElementById('orgNumber').value = firstResult.organisasjonsnummer;
        .catch(error => console.error('Error:', error));

The above is a simple use of JavaScript with the Brønnøysund API. We recommend leveraging our expertise for a more comprehensive solution. Please contact us for more information!

By implementing our JavaScript solution on your website, users can easily find organization numbers by entering a company name. The system automatically communicates with the Brønnøysundregistrene API and provides a list of potential matches and their organization numbers in a user-friendly dropdown list. This ensures that correct and updated information is always easily accessible.

Do you want to do this yourself? Get this code via Github.

Practical Value

Such a solution is invaluable for ensuring the quality of billing bases and automating processes. By ensuring accurate information, the risk of errors in invoices and other important documents is reduced. This saves time, reduces costs associated with corrections, and increases overall efficiency.

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