About Nettsmed

We understand your needs and deliver tailored solutions

Managing Director & Developer

Sindre is the managing director of Nettsmed and also leads the team for web development projects. With an education from the Norwegian School of Economics, he brings a unique combination of business insight and technological knowledge to the table.

His expertise in digital systems, including CMS, LMS platforms, and various programming languages, positions him to adapt and shape solutions for a wide range of needs.

Sindre is dedicated to delivering web solutions that are both robust and secure, something that is reflected in all the projects he handles, whether it is a simple website or a complex digital platform.

Web designer and project manager

Eirik is good with technology and good with people. He is able to understand customer needs and communicate solutions in an understandable language. Adapting new technology to ordinary people’s needs and understanding is Eirik’s expertise.

With 15 years of experience in building and maintaining websites for churches and organizations, Eirik has developed a broad foundation for intuitive solutions built in WordPress. Eirik has a master’s degree in leadership from the University of Tromsø and experience as a co-founder of Simplylearn AS.


With a passion for communication and a master’s degree in media production, Sylvio Carvalho does most things in content production and design. With ten years of experience in graphic design, he has done everything from voluntary work in church to leading a department at a marketing agency.

For Sylvio, the most important thing is that design communicates who the company is and what they do. As a lecturer in, among other things, Visual Communication at OsloMet, he does everything he can to create graphic profiles that tell with pictures who his customers are and not just create something that is trendy.

Sylvio Carvalho has also worked a lot with (and wrote his master’s thesis on) explainers – videos that use live images and animation to explain things that are complicated. Whether it is technical terminology or a business plan, most things can be explained visually using the tools in explainers.

Based in Norway

We are available digitally both in Norway and for international projects. Physically, we work from and can meet in the cities of Oslo, Bergen and Hamar.